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              1. 中文 | English

                About iRay

                iRay Technology is a leader in the development and manufacturing of flat panel X-ray detectors used in medical, dental, veterinary, security and industrial imaging applications.

                Founded in 2011 iRay is headquartered in Shanghai-Xinjinqiao Hi-tech Zone, with production facilities in Shanghai-Zhangjiang and in Taicang, all in China.

                iRay X-ray detectors are used in more than 40 nations, including the United States and many European countries, and iRay has become China's leading manufacturer of flat panel detectors. The total installed base of iRay products now exceeds 23,000 units.

                iRay has become one of the few detector company with very broad technology portfolio, that spans from amorphous Silicon (a-Si) to IGZO (Oxide TFT), flexible substrates and CMOS devices through technology absorbing and self-innovating. Meanwhile, iRay also could provide hardware, software and image chain solutions to meet various customer expectations.

                Customer Support

                iRay Customer Service and Technical Support is here to help you.

                Technical Support is available to help troubleshooting that you may have with iRay detectors or software.

                FAE are trained to advice you on product selection and determine how iRay detectors best can be integrated with your imaging system.

                • Fast Response 


                • Advanced
                  Support Team

                • Flexible

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