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                Imaging Solutions for Every Application

                • Medical

                  iRay provides medical system OEMs with state-of-the-art solutions for X-ray imaging with flat panel detectors. We have advanced the field of DR with our innovation wireless or tethered detectors for mobile or general radiography.  iRay detectors for fluoroscopic applications are designed to optimize image quality at the lowest entrance dose by providing high detective quantum efficiency (DQE).  Detectors for mammography have both high resolution and image at high frame rates to enable 3D mammo tomosynthesis.

                • Dental

                  iRay provides a variety of flat panel detectors for extraoral dental imaging.

                • Oncology

                  iRay detectors for oncology solutions are designed for integration with radiotherapy and radiosurgery systems.  They are intended for real-time imaging in combination with radiation from Linac sources.  

                • Veterinary

                  From megafauna like horses to meiofauna like pets, iRay provides a variety of flat panel detectors specially designed for veterinary applications to meet the demands of various pet DR markets. Such detectors are widely used by pet hospitals, pet agencies, zoos, institutes of zoology, animal schools and other clinic X-ray examination and research.

                • NDT

                  The iRay portfolio for NDT includes detectors for portable field use as well as installation in inspection systems for a variety of industries.

                • Security

                  iRay offers several workflow optimized detectors for security systems.  For IED/EOD use this includes lightweight, portable radiography detectors.  In luggage and checkpoint screening, linear detector arrays are ideally suited for imaging during conveyor belt motion.

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