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              1. 中文 | English

                Company  History

                iRay Technology is a leader in the development and manufacturing of key X-ray system components used in medical, dental, veterinary, security and industrial imaging applications.

                Founded in 2011 iRay is headquartered in Shanghai-Xinjinqiao Hi-tech Zone, with production facilities in Shanghai-Zhangjiang and in Taicang, all in China.

                Originally, iRay focused on flat panel detectors, but has since expanded to offer a wide range of X-ray products including collimators, generators, ionization chambers, as well as acquisition and imaging software. Through innovation and leading technology development, iRay’s detector portfolio spans from amorphous silicon (a-Si) to IGZO (Oxide TFT), flexible substrates and CMOS detectors.

                iRay X-ray products are used in more than 40 nations, including the United States and many European countries, and iRay has become China’s leading manufacturer of flat panel detectors. The total installed base of iRay products now exceeds 23,000 units.

                • 2019

                  iRay extends product portfolio to include X-ray collimators, generators and ionization chambers

                • 2018

                  iRay introduces many new products

                  First IGZO detector shipped

                  Delivery of new Linear Detector Array (LDA) module

                • 2017

                  Shipments begin from new Taicang site

                  Dental, Vet, NDT & Security product lines

                  First detector for real-time fluoroscopic imaging

                  CMOS for dental CBCT

                • 2016

                  New headquarter opens in Shanghai

                  New factory in Taicang

                  15 ongoing R&D programs

                • 2015

                  iRay becomes no. 1 detector company in China

                  Signficant increase in detector shipments

                • 2014

                  First wireless detector

                  First mammo detector

                  iRay becomes the US leader for Value DR

                • 2013

                  iRay delivers to Tier-1 healthcare customers

                  Shipments exceed 1000 detectors

                • 2012

                  Invesments from Sequoia and Northern Light

                  iRay develops CsI deposition process

                • 2011

                  iRay core team is formed

                  Delivery of first detectors

                  Order for  initial 100 detectors

                  iRay exhibits at RSNA and ECR

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